Dead Man’s Dice


Ahoy there buccaneers ... a fast game of piracy for 2 or more scurvy seadogs!          Pile up the doubloons with the roll of the bones afore the pirates plunder your hoard.

COMPONENTS: 6 Jolly Roger and 12 regular dice, rules, score pad, pencil.

OBJECT: pile up all your dice, before the opponent(s), to score points which count as doubloons.
The game is played to 100 doubloons (100 points).

SET-UP: pirates choose a colour to represent them, have 1 Jolly Roger and 2 regular dice each and keep their own score throughout the game.

PLAY: to begin, pirates roll any one of their 3 dice and, leaving the dice in place, the pirate with the lowest number rolls another die. If 2 or more pirates roll the same lowest number, all pirates roll again. Taking turns, play rotates clockwise.
A pirate may place their rolled die on top of their own die if: 1. it matches, 2. it is in ascending numerical sequence - or, 3. it totals 7 with the die currently on top.

PLUNDER: pirates must roll a die before they plunder and may then take an opponent’s top die - placing it on their pile if it meets either Rule 2. or 3.
Pirates may plunder any number of possible dice on a turn.

JOLLY ROGER: a pirate may mutiny and roll their special Jolly Roger die on any of their turns. This die only has special value if the skull & crossbones comes up.
If a special die is rolled and the Jolly Roger comes up, it is the 1 spot and always has a doubloon value of 7.
A pirate may place a rolled Jolly Roger on their own pile regardless of the top number.
A Jolly Roger may not be plundered.
If a pirate ends a round with the Jolly Roger on top, that player doubles the value of their pile.
A pirate caught red-handed holding their Jolly Roger die at the end of a round Dead Man's Dice is keelhauled and subtracts 7 doubloons.

If a pirate does not have a die in their pile, due to an opponent taking the die, that pirate must roll a die on their next turn - and may then plunder if possible.
A TURN is over when a pirate is marooned and cannot place a die on their pile.
A ROUND is over when a pirate’s pistol is empty and has no more dice to play.
Pirates then total the points on the tops of the dice in their pile o’ treasure.
A pirate who knocks their own pile overboard returns any plundered dice and starts again on their next turn.
A pirate who fires a broadside with their rolled die and blows an opponent’s pile to Davy Jones’ Locker, walks the plank and deducts 7 doubloons.
The victim returns any plundered dice and immediately starts again.

2-PLAYER EXAMPLE: Calico Jack rolls a 2 and Black Bart rolls a 6.  It’s Jack's turn and he rolls a 5 … which he places on top of his 2 (Rule 3) and then plunders Bart’s 6 (Rule 2).  Black Bart rolls a 4 with his second die … avast there, keep a lookout!  Jack now has a chance to double his booty with his special die.  He rolls a Jolly Roger, shows no mercy, puts the die on top of his pile and, before Black Bart can draw his cutlass - the round is over!

Total the points for the round: Jack has a Jolly Roger (7), a 6, a 5 and a 2 - totaling 20. Double the total as he ended with a Jolly Roger on top and Jack scores 40 doubloons in that round. Bart ends the round with a 4 and, still holding his Jolly Roger die Dead Man's Dice subtracts 7 points and scores -3 doubloons.

 © 2016 Martin H. Samuel –•– Games Above Board

















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