flippit-family-games-display.jpg/flippit-family-games.jpgFlippit ...

a fun and educational spelling game you'll flip over!
English and French versions for 1+ players age 6+ / approx. 30 minutes
Components:  60 jumbo letter cards + 1 dry erase marker + 1 dry erase board + instructions

Games Above Board design ~ published by Family Games [Canada]

creative-child-game-of-the-year-award-2007.jpg      the-national-parenting-center-seal-of-approval-2008.jpg


Lucky Seven ... competitive solitaire however, as solitaire is (usually) played by onmajor-fun-family-game-award-2008.pnge
yet ... this game may be played by any number,

it is therefore oxymoronic!
An addictive game of speed that's simple to play and impossible to put down!lucky-seven-logo.jpg

Components:  7 numbered coasters + instructions

For 1 or more players age 6+ / timeless


Games Above Board design ~ published 2003 by Great American Puzzle Factory [USA]

 2008 Major Fun Family Award

2015, Family Games (Canada) published 'Lucky Seven' however, the only similarities are the name and the components.




      Malaika ...

a pure abstract, strategy game that takes just a minute to learn and constantly challenges player's tactics as, game play is swift and intense with shifts of power resulting from almost every move.

Components:  game bomalaika-sterling-games-box-top.jpgard + 30 glass gemstones + pouch + instructions
For 2 players age 10+        approx. 30 minutes


Games Above Board design ~ published by Sterling Games [Hong Kong]

Programmed for Axiom PC by Greg Schmidt [USA]



   Quirky ... a game of unanticipated twists, unexpected turns and Quirky events! 


The object is to accumulate points by placing or exposing pieces of the same colour to form equilateral triangles.  Take turns drawing pieces from the bag, pulling one of your own pieces, your opponents' or an exception piece.


/quirky-board-pieces.gifComponents:  1 wood game board + 3 score keepers + 45 coloured markers of varying shapes + 9 Quirks + game bag + instructions

For 3 (or 2 players) age 8+ / approx. 30 minutes


 Games Above Board design ~ published by Family Games [Canada]





   Serpentine ...

a family board game of fun.

For 2, 3 or 4 players age 8+ / approx. 20 minutes


Games Above Board

design expanded by

Fred Horn ~  published

by Nova Carta

[The Netherlands]



/starslide.jpgStarSlide …

an ingeniously unique game concept,  play method and board design.

The goal is to be the last to slide a star.  Players take turns to place, slide and mark one of their stars.  Players may slide pieces (stars) along lines to an empty space and block the next player from being able to slide / block the centre of the board for one turn / 'freeze' opponent's stars out of the game.  Two players use 6, three players use 4, four players use 3 stars and a crown each.
Components:  game board + 19 stars + 4 crowns + bag + instructions

For 2, 3 or 4 players age 10+ / approx. 35 minutes


Games Above Board design in collaboration with Kate Jones ~ published by Kadon Enterprises, Inc. [USA]



triplexity-games.jpg TRiPLEXiTY 

martin-h-samuel-3-sterling-games-photo.jpga deceptively simple-looking game with a constant shifting of pieces into new positions that adds a complex level of challenge.  Otherwise known as vertical tic-tac-toe, the goal is to be the first to place your 3 pieces in a single stack or on the top of each of 3 stacks.  In turn, players place their pieces, one at a time, in 3 positions: left, centre, right [stack max. 3 pieces high].  When all 6 pieces have been placed, the game continues.


 TRiPLEXiTY Advancedkate-jones-gamepuzzles.jpg ...

is played in the same way for points ~ for an agreed number of rounds or to a target score.  Pieces numbered with pips, similar to the opposite sides of a regular die, are placed either-way-up and always inverted when moved.  Tally the number of pips, face-up on the 3 winning pieces, to determine the score ~ higher score wins.


Components: 2 sets of 3 'pipped' pieces, instructions

For 2 players age 8+ / approx. 20 minutes


Games Above Board design in collaboration with Kate Jones ~ published by Family Games [Canada]



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