mozaic-game.jpgGames Above Board designed & published.

Abstract strategy board game using luck of the draw, placement, movement and points accumulation.

For 2 players age 8+ / approx. 30 minutesmozaic-cover.jpg

Components:  tiled game board + 1 emerald-green + 1 ruby-red + 1 diamond-white + 1 onyx-black + 35 amber + 35 cobalt gemstones + velour pouch + instructions.

Players take turns drawing gems from the bag, one at a time, and place them on the empty board to form point-scoring squares.  Four same-colour adjacent gems in a square scores 4 points.  mozaic.jpgPoints are won with a player's  own gems (even when placed by the opponent) and always accrued, never deducted.

The four exception gems indicate: red = miss this turn, green = slide any gem diagonally to an empty adjacent tile, black = take two turns, white = remove any gem from the board and replace it in the bag.  Exception gems are always returned to the bag after a turn.  The game is over when all the tiles on the board are covered, only the four exception gems remain in the bag and the higher score wins.



+  published by Sterling Games [Hong Kong]




for Axiom and Zillions


by Greg Schmidt



Axiom-powered PC


           English and German





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