Pieces o' Eight

2-player abstract strategy board game of placement, stacking and points accumulation.  Players each have 8 pieces and score points by placing pieces on the board forming same-color piece squares.  Playing for points, the best out of 3 games may be 1.


The Game's Up ...

2-player abstract strategy board game of movement, stacking and points accumulation.

COMPONENTS:  square game board of 36 squares in a 6-by-6 grid, twelve 2-sided pieces, bag, rules.  Each player begins the game with 4 of each piece which are numbered on either side (heads & tails) with: 1 & 6, 2 & 5, 3 & 4.


 OBJECT:  manipulate the pieces to stack up the most points by capturing  as many of the opponent’s pieces possible.  A stack consists of two or more alternating-colour pieces.  Ownership of a stack is determined by the  colour of the top piece.  Players agree on a target score - e.g. 13 or 21  points and, throughout the game, keep a tally of the top numbers on all the pieces in their respective stacks.  The first player to capture and stack sufficient pieces, to reach the pre-agreed total, is the winner ...

and the game’s up! 


Luck o' the Irish          Lucky Ladybugs          Lucky Stars          7 Lucky Dragons

luck-o-the-irish.jpg                lucky-ladybugs.jpg               thank-your-lucky-stars.jpg               7-lucky-dragons.jpg



tower-of-the-winds.jpg martin-tower-of-the-winds.jpg




  Winds ...

inspired by the octagonal marble horologion (timepiece),

depicting the eight wind deities, that features sundials, a water clock and a wind vane on the Roman agora in Athens.




Trilithons ...

trilithons-4-player.jpgderived from the Greek 'having three stones'.

2, 3 or 4 players accrue points while building the megalithic monument Stonehenge with colourful blocks.













Stack 'em Up  ...  towering dice!

Line 'em Up  ...  domino dice!                   




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