Rhumb Line

rhumb-line-game.jpgGames Above Board designed & published.

major-fun-thinking-award.pngFor 2 players age 8+ / approx. 20 minutes
2008 Major Fun Thinking Award

A nautical game based on ancient mariner history, seafaring lore and pastimes.

The object is to out-navigate the opposition to achieve victory.  Three ways to score on the compass rose game board and a twist in the tail to turn the tide and rule the waves.  The shortest distance between two points on a plane surface is a straight line.  First discussed by the Portuguese mathematician Pedro Nunes in 1537 yet derived from Old French: 'rumb', a line that appears straight on a Mercator projection map crossing all meridians of longitude at a constant angle, traces spiral paths across a globe is known as a ... rhumb line.

   As prhumb-line-channel-craft.jpgublished by Channel Craft [USA]





Taking turns, nuggets are placed, one at a time, building and/or blocking rhumb line combinations:  4 same-colour nuggets in a radius is 10 points, an arc 20 points and a spiral 30 points.  More than one combination may be scored at a time.
Toward the end and to avoid a foregone conclusion, players remove any one of their nuggets (once only) and, on their next turn, place it elsewhere on the board.  Players keep score on their end of the board throughout the game and, when the board is full, the player with the most points 
is the winner.rhumb-line-ii.jpg

Rhumb Line II [note pad and 2 pens] by Games Above Board   


The iPhone / iPod Touch app., published by iShoot developer

Ethan Nicholas at Naughty Bits Software, is no longer available [USA]





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